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green fire

"Now in its second edition, Green Fire is a rollicking history of spectacular efforts to stop the impending destruction of some of Australia's most beautiful, spiritual and wildlife-rich places. It tells how loggers, miners, and polluters have found themselves face-to-face with courageous Australians, young and old, who rate this nation's natural and Aboriginal heritage ahead of dollars and macho imagery.


Environmental activism in Australia

Environmental activism: Ian Cohen doesn't hold back. With compelling honesty about himself, his fellow campaigners and their opponents, from locals to premiers and prime ministers, he takes us into the thick of battles that re-shaped the map of Australia as much as the nation's mindset.


From being locked-on to bulldozers deep in the rainforests to riding the bow-wave of ships built for unthinkable nuclear war, to being elected as the first Greens member of the New South Wales parliament, Cohen's defiance of stifling conventional norms provides us with a journal of impudence in the service of our one and only life-giving planet.

Ian Cohen's philosophy is deep green. He has acted on his convictions. While a remarkably good history, Green Fire challenges Australians who lack green convictions, lack fire and couldn't care less about the ecosystem which cradled them into existence. It is, above all, a recipe and stirring call to action for those of us who aspire to save the life of this glorious planet Earth". Bob Brown - Former Greens Senator


Green Fire second edition by Ian Cohen


second edition

deep summer '98

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