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Environmental and political activist SPEAKER

Born (on what later became World Environment Day) Ian is a powerful political activist and inspiring speaker in Australia who can cut across environmental, social and political fault lines. Ian has a deep green knowledge of the history of the Australian environmental movement coupled with a charismatic storytelling style.  Ian's infamous ability to grab media headlines with his activist antics makes his delivery all the more captivating.


Aside from his many environmental and political activism campaigns in Australia, Ian has faced head-on disaster and controversy. On a surfing holiday in Sri Lanka he found himself waxing up when the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami hit. Ian survived and later helped out with the relief efforts. His personal story of being sued for defamation by a developer for standing up for his community and the impact this had on his wellbeing makes him a speaker who resonates with all of us that have endured personal hardships and challenges. 


Ian speaks to many audiences. A mentor to the young seeking to make a difference in the world in their work or personal lives. As a fit, energetic 66 years old surfer still riding big waves, he speaks their language and can offer the insight of how to ride life’s bumps from his own personal experiences. 


He helps organisations foster a culture of collective activism that is much needed to work against the tide of climate change and to empower individuals. In a world that seeks balance and happiness the symbiotic relationship of people and the planet is an underlying theme in Ian's environmental message.


Ian has courted controversy in his life and is always up for a challenging public debate. He engages audiences with his tales of adventure, balanced by rigorous debate and humour. 



work with me

  • Corporate and community engagements

  • Not for profit and environment 

  • Schools and Universities

  • Master of Ceremonies 

  • Ambassador 


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