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Political Activist: Shaping Australia’s Today

“Power concedes nothing without a demand.”

Politics - it’s dictates the future. It being ubiquitous, everyone should be aware of how politics influence our society in terms of taxes, the environment, health, education, the economy, international affairs, security and everything in between.

Throughout the years, Australian politics proves how a nation progresses because of protest and activism. The sociopolitical landscape of Australia is not only defined by its politicians or elites, but more so of the masses.

Recently, a new era of political history has been monumental in Canberra. For the last decade, Australia tops among the 8 countries which have seen leadership changes. The tactic of spilling, swapping and switching party leaders has become a new norm for the Australian parties, much to the ire of the public. Leadership changes are never easy for Australia. So, knowing how political decisions are made and who the important actors are makes sense. Knowledge is power, and understanding how the Australian political system actually works gives you the power to get involved and influence politics yourself.

Political Activism Redefined

When one comes across the word “activist”, it poses negative connotations. People, most often, think that activism fuels hatred and does not in anyway progress to change. Activism can be a negative concept based on how activism is perceived and how activists are depicted in the media.

Political activists in Australia vigour to perform such roles to prompt intervention and change is critically necessary for any culture. Australia, with a long history of protests, made critical social advances many took for granted. Protests have secured the rights of women to vote, protected and advanced aboriginal land rights, and ended the criminalisation of homosexuality.

The involvement of activists continues to play a vital role in emphasizing the rights of the marginalised. As Australia forwards to a more inclusive future, the evidence of issue evolution has been clear and distinct even to a blind eye. More political parties cater to issues of the states with “near margins” as these seats have more power than the “safe” seats. With this shift in political beliefs, the elites and people in the margin seats play a higher value as they dictate the future of the nation. The transformation of these ideas spurred by political activist is necessary to create sociopolitical change.

How Political Activists Shape Australia

Activism stretches to the far ends of the spectrum. Some activists can purport that they support a cause that is beneficial for everyone despite the obvious political expediency. Though many people would argue that most activist forward their own cause, activism still shapes a society in subtle ways we sometimes fail to notice.

Political activists are not only present in the gatherings, some have brought activism in the digital space. This makes things very interesting for the future of activism. One might ask how an activist shape a huge country like Australia? An activist:

  • Makes the issues known: political noise and participation makes issues that were once unimportant be relevant. This is one of the critical roles an activist: to make sure that the government not only to cater rich upper class but to everyone including the bottom of the pyramid.

  • Actively supports or criticises policies: Involvement is necessary to put issues on center stage but activism goes beyond making issues known, activist actively show support or dissent on political conversations to resonate a louder and clearer message for everyone to hear. Vigorously opposing and supporting systems forwards legislations that are better in relation to an activist’s cause.

  • Creates alternatives : When an activist’s voice is left unheard, he/she doesn’t stop there. To forward a cause is to ascertain that a message comes across. There are certain ways an activist betters a society as he/she promotes alternatives.

  • Abdicates: Many would argue that an “activist” should always be active and involved, while this is true, the silent majority is active in ignoring certain issues, this makes other people engineer a society for us.

Is Political Activism Good for You?

There are many reasons why you should consider to be part of the politics. It shares a greater influence and accountability to be an activist. One study shows tentative evidence that activists are happier than non-activists. Moreover, they’ve shown that a brief activist task boosted participants’ vitality levels compared to a group of controls. See? Being an activist not only helps the community but also fuels your endorphins, making you even happier.

Indeed, Aristotle was right when he stated that we’re political animals at heart and that active involvement in society fulfils a basic human need.

You Can Do Something, Too!

We do not live in an atomic existence. Entangled by other lives, culture and socio-political views, we should make sure that we are level headed to do our part and forward our cause by:

Examining where change is necessary:

  • To be effective, we need to point out the flaws in the system. After, we assess where change can be readily achieved to provoke a positive desire for action from others as well.


  • Activists always sound so dreamy to folks. World peace, acceptance, equal rights? They all sound so idealistic. But when change is rooted in community, power dynamics becomes less of a tool for others to take advantage of. When activists relocalize and connect, they became relatable with shared stories to tell and lessons to learn. At bigger communities, issues became desensitized and unmaneuverable.

Making change achievable:

  • Change is, perhaps, the only thing constant in this world. Even so, many find it hard to take a leap and be part of the change. From eliminating single-use plastic straws to lobbying laws that protect the environment, change should be easy and achievable. It is important to working models that let people see how and why they work, and how to replicate them, are likewise useful.

From an Expert’s Perspective

Want to learn more about how political activists in Australia shape our today? Talk to Ian Cohen, one of the movers and shakers of the socio-political landscape in Australia, Ian is a former Australian politician who contributed to major environmental campaigns. He is a mentor and an effective motivator to individuals who want to make a positive impact on their communities. WIth his dedication, knowledge, and expertise, he can introduce you to many political and environmental concepts that forwards a better society, a better Australia.

Check the Ian Cohen website to schedule an appointment today. Leave a message via the website’s contact form for your enquiries!


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