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A Climate Change Speaker’s Innovation

There are plenty of ways to approach the climate change debate. Because the topic is so broad and covers many sub-discussions, a climate change speaker must adapt. When asking people to join the climate change innovation movement, it is essential that they are exposed to a renewed perspective on the problem at hand. This perspective should be a mix of urgency, hope, and most of all, a sense of community empowerment. The key to a successful environmental movement is in the message: what to say and how to say it. Here’s what you might expect from an amazing climate change speaker at climate change conferences:

An effective climate change speaker knows how to communicate the facts

When discussing climate change’s effects, there are so many facts and research points to maneuver through. An environmental activist will, of course, be well-versed in these facts. He or she will be able to understand scientific jargon and will have no problem looking at numbers or big words. But someone who has not yet developed the same passion for the environment may not be able to follow as quickly. They would need to be introduced to the facts in an easily comprehensible way, and once they are hooked, an environmental activist would then be able to guide them through the next actionable steps.

This is why an effective communication of facts is necessary. Facts must not just be told, they must be shown and contextualised. How does the average Australian experience climate change? How might they relate to those who experience the effects of climate change directly, i.e. climate refugees? How might they be able to empathise with distraught farmers or even with migrating animals? An experienced environmental leader will know how to communicate facts and deepen people’s perspectives on the climate issue.

A brave climate change speaker focuses on who to hold accountable

The current narrative on climate change puts people at the center: climate change is happening because of our bad habits like using plastic, improperly disposing of waste, overusing electronics, and the like. While this is true--and people do need to be conscious of their personal environmental footprints--a brave climate change speaker will point to those whose actions the world has turned a blind eye on. We’re talking about corporations, industries, and even political leaders who neglect their environmental responsibility and continue to operate in ways that severely harm the environment. These groups must be made accountable for their actions. Those in government must give them their due punishment as well as enact policies and programs that address environmental concerns. An environmental activist who is not afraid to tell this truth is one worth listening to and supporting.

An empathetic climate change speaker focuses on determination and hope

Although climate change is indeed a serious issue, the ways in which we communicate the issue may be unproductive. For example, fear-mongering may do more harm than good. Instilling fear in people may result in anxiety or distress, and in some cases, it may even cause apathy. An effective climate change speaker will tap into the potential of his or her audiences and will focus on determination and hope instead. Yes, there is reason to be afraid, but this fear can be converted into courage. An environmental activist will encourage people to act now, change their habits as soon as possible and support the global movement that engages with groups or individuals who need to be held accountable for environmental damage.

Have Ian Cohen over at your next climate change conference

With decades of experience working with and for the environmental movement in Australia, Ian cohen is the effective, brave, and empathetic climate change speaker that your organisation will benefit from meeting. He innovates his content to relate with and successfully communicate with different audiences. As a result, his personal stories of activism combined with his expertise on climate research has encouraged many climate change conference participants to join the green movement in Australia. If you’d like to have him over at your next event, just visit the Ian Cohen website and leave a message on the contact form found there.


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