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The Most Influential Environmental Leaders of Today

Environmental problems are complex. Lucky for us, there are intelligent and passionate individuals who are always looking to find ways to solve these issues.

Below, we have listed the names of some amazing people who strive hard to preserve the future of the planet. Each one of them has added a unique perspective to the environmental crisis that the planet is currently experiencing. But before we get to know them, let us first understand the role that they play.

Understanding the Role of Environmental Leaders

When we talk about leadership, we usually think about political or religious leaders. However, allow us to highlight the fact that leadership does not have a specific definition. We all have unique definitions of leadership, and a few individuals have successfully brought up impactful definitions.

With all the definitions of leadership, what do you think is an environmental leader? What does he/she do? Who are they?

Again, everyone can come up with unique definitions of leadership. But generally speaking, an environmental leader supports environmentally-related movements that aim to protect aquatic systems, flora, fauna, and aquatic systems. They raise environmental awareness of the public by promoting and spreading the implementation of environmental laws.

What these leaders do may seem easy, but actually, they aren’t.

5 Influential Environmental Leaders

Climate change is a serious problem. However, the names below don’t really care if they’re just a small voice. What they know is that collectively, they can bring about change. Let’s meet some of the most influential environmental leaders today:

1. Ian Cohen

Ian is a renowned climate change and environmental keynote speaker based in Australia. He got the attention of the public for surfing the bow of a US nuclear-armed warship that entered the port of Australia. In 1986, a photo of him riding the bow of the vessel made headlines. It earned him a number of awards and established his reputation as an environmental activist.

2. David Orr

An environmental leader in every sense, David has given different talks across the world, promoting practical and realistic solutions to the world’s climate crisis. His goal to have a sustainable future has kickstarted with the Oberlin Project, which aims to transform the Oberlin College and town into an environmentally-friendly community.

3. Michael Braungart

A German chemist who co-authored the book Cradle to Cradle, Michael works with companies to assess the balance of energy and waste. He also works closely with them to analyse the life cycle design for products. Recently, he also co-published the novel The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability - Designing for Abundance. It imagines how designs can be used as a tool to leave a lasting positive impact to change the future for the better.

4. Ed Begley Jr.

Director, actor, and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. uses his fame to express his thoughts and encourage others to take a leap. He has been famed for his stints, showing up in Hollywood events in his bicycle. Recently, he has taken on the challenge of building a platinum LEED-certified home.

5. Dr Vandana Shiva

Dr. Shiva is the founder of Navdanya Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Ecology. She is known for her contributions to environmental justice, as well as food security, bringing light to the marginalised victims of environmental concerns like climate change. She is currently working on the Soil Not Oil, Biopiracy, GMO Free, and Women for Diversity projects.

In Conclusion

These environmental leaders may come from different facets of life. But what unites them is their dedication to work for the betterment of the present and future generations.

Take inspiration from these names. Know that no act is too small. We can all make an impact on this planet!


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