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Environmental Activism in Australia: A Beginner’s Guide

Environmental Activism in Australia:

A Beginner’s Guide

By the minute, the Earth we live in suffers from the damage that we, humans, inflict upon it. Climate change, ocean acidification, and mass extinctions are some of the most extreme symptoms of our planet’s degradation. Despite these blatant signs, many of us still have the audacity to turn a blind eye on these issues. Like most things, people tend to ignore the red flags until it’s too late.

Amidst these dark times, not all hope is lost. There are those who stood up against the negligence and apathy, the environmental activists who fervently fight to reverse the lethal practices that our society presently follows. Without them, many issues would be swept under the rug and the rest of the world could live in the bliss of ignorance.

However, there would be no bliss with Earth’s destruction. There is no bliss in surging heat waves, famine, or floods. We need more people to lead the world to a better future.

If you are new to environmental activism in Australia or are simply just testing the waters, you need to remember that there is nothing more noble than living for a cause. Brace yourselves for some challenges, sleepless nights, and countless moments of doubt.

We have written this article for you to know what to expect when you’re just starting out with environmental activism. Read on:

Environmental Activism in Australia

Ask Yourself Why

Stumbling upon this article is no accident. For someone who wants to make a difference, it is only natural to be keen on what you should know about the movement you are about to support. Before diving into environmental activism, do your own research, ask around, and really know the issue like the back of your hand.

Once you have done all your homework, it is time to reflect upon yourself and ask, “Why?”

Why are you doing this? Why should you take part? Why should you care? Why should you continue?

You might be hoping for some words of gentle encouragement and positivity, but truth be told, environmental activism is not for the faint of heart. It takes a certain kind of resilience to be able to push through all the criticisms and doubts thrown at you by what seems to be the rest of the world. By asking yourself “why”, you remind yourself of the reasons why you’re doing this and why you should continue.

The answers should come from you. You could be inspired by all the other environmental activists around the world, but the real strength of the movement lies with the individual why’s that ignited it.

Work Your Way Up (or Around)

We all have to start somewhere. Whether you start in your own home or a large community, all that matters is that you did. Don’t overwhelm yourself with projects that will likely burn you out and discourage you from pursuing it further. Instead, work your way up the ladder, or even around the globe.

Wherever this journey might lead you, remember to take in the lessons rather than focusing on what went wrong. You don’t have to have all the answers to the world’s problems, but it is worthwhile to think that you are part of the former by doing what you can.

Focus on the work, for even the seemingly insignificant local project you get yourself lost in could impact the rest of the world. Considering how news travels nowadays with modern technology, getting the word out is not as hard as it used to. This is why in this journey, keep your eyes peeled and your curiosity piqued for new developments that could help you.

Remember, You Are Not Alone

At first, it will feel like this is a battle between you against the world. Nothing could be further from the truth. Over the years, and through the help of passionate environmental activists, a huge number of people have chosen to join the movement.

Remember, in this journey, you are not alone. In moments of discouragement, look to your peers for support and confidence that there is hope. There is a silver lining.

In Australia, organisations look to influential activists who balances the serious discourse of climate change through an enigmatic message. Climate change and environmental keynote speaker, Ian Cohen, illustrates a good example of how fighting for a purpose could turn into a lifelong passion. His commitment to the cause drove him to pursue it professionally, traveling all over the world to bring more awareness to the issue and hopefully convince others to continue what he started.

His nonstop involvement in the environmental movement has gained him important insights on the issue and is not afraid to share these in every chance he gets.

Environmental activism in Australia has never been this exciting. For the past few decades, we have witnessed more and more people are waking up to the reality of how bleak the future would look if we don’t take action today, and nothing would make us happier than knowing that another individual is interested to take part.

Start your journey today. Hear it straight from Ian and check out his website to know more.


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