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Same, same but different. Adani Government support for a dinosaur coal mine is not new and would remind those such as myself who are old enough of the Khemlani loans affair with the then energy Minister, Rex Connor, who had the grand plan under Whitlam to open up th e NW Gas reserves by building a huge pipeline. Money was to be sourced through a shady Middle Eastern loan broker named Khemlani. In short despite that it was an admirable aspiration for the time (1970s) It helped destabilise the Whitlam Government. One can foresee the same effect of the current Adani mine on the Federal and Queensland governments highlighting their corruption and myopia. There is hope. Keep up the people power. This is the protest that is drawing in all sorts. Read more.

Now that global environmental issues are more pressing than ever, it is important that people fully understand different concepts regarding the environmental activism discussion. This is so citizens can participate in social discourse and make informed decisions regarding the environmental policies and programs being enacted in their communities. One example of these concepts is an environmental speaker sustainability.

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