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Sustainability: An Environmental Speaker

Now that global environmental issues are more pressing than ever, it is important that people fully understand different concepts regarding the environmental discussion. This is so citizens can participate in social discourse and make informed decisions regarding the environmental policies and programs being enacted in their communities. One example of these concepts is an environmental speaker sustainability.

The United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development defines sustainability as the “ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” What this really points to is the concept of resource allocation: the Earth has enough resources to accommodate the needs of all its inhabitants, but the imbalance of the distribution of these resources and also the abuse of them is what causes problems like air and water pollution, improper waste disposal, loss of biodiversity, and more. With proper, fair, and sustainable resource allocation, these problems will be mitigated.

At first glance, these seem to be such big words. But if we look at it more closely, these big words are only terms that cover small but constant actions done by a great number of people. For example, the use of plastic for mundane activities like drinking soda (plastic straws) contributes to the global problem of plastic pollution. Or the simple remedy of turning an air-conditioner on to beat the heat actually worsens the problem of global warming. Environmental degradation is mainly a result of things that people do almost mindlessly. If continued, this can result in a great lack of viable resources for future generations. Our actions will determine whether or not our children and their children get to survive on Earth.

This is why it is high time for environmental issues to be communicated well. People need to be aware of the resources that they are using and whether or not their daily activities are in line with sustainable practices. Only experienced environmental speakers or environmental influencers can transfer this information best and bring out a strong environmental commitment among people.

Ian Cohen: Australia’s Foremost Environmental and Social Change Activist

For the concept of sustainability to be properly communicated, you need someone like Ian Cohen. Being the author of Green Fire (a personal account of the Australian environmental protest movement), Ian has been living an environmental speaker’s lifestyle for many years now. He makes regular appearances at environmental conferences, speaking to many audiences of different demographics. He has spoken at corporate and community engagements, nonprofit and environmental organisations, and schools and universities. He helps organisations develop environmental activism among their members as he himself is a passionate environmental activist. He is famous for surfing the bow of a US nuclear armed warship in 1986 as a form of protest to the entry of nuclear warships into Sydney Harbour. Since then, he has worked on many green initiatives. He was elected as the first Green member of the NSW Legislative Council in 1995, re-elected in 2003, and continued serving the environmental cause in government up until his retirement in 2011. Now, he alternates between surfing, speaking, and consulting.

Invite Ian Cohen to Speak At Your Next Event

Ian Cohen is well-versed in all aspects of the global environmental problem, especially sustainability. As one of Australia’s best environmental influencers, his discussions cut across environmental, social, and political fault lines -- he links back to government and community action when talking about environmental solutions. He understands that global environmental issues are best solved not just by being mindful of your personal environmental footprint, but also by holding individuals and groups accountable for large-scale environmental damage. Having been a member of parliament, he also communicates the importance of strong leadership and political will in addressing environmental issues. Most importantly, his message is one that is personal and genuine, and his experience is a story worth hearing.

Interested in having Ian over at your next event? Visit the Ian Cohen website today and leave him a message via the contact form.


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